Life in the Univedrse - Essay 3

1. Evidence that life on Earth is very ancient comes from
A).. fossil algae in rocks more than 3 billion years old.
B)..fossils buried thousands of feet below the surface.
C).. fossil algae in rocks a few million years old.
D)..the discovery of silicon-based life forms in ancient rocks.
E)..the discovery of silicon-based life forms in a Miller-Urey type of experiment.

2. A planet on which life forms create an atmosphere that makes the planet more hospitable for life is an example of
A)...the Drake equation.
B)... the Gaia hypothesis.
D)...the anthropic principle.
E)... the Miller-Urey experiment.

3. The Miller-Urey Experiment demonstrated that
A)... very simple bacteria can be created from the chemicals present in the atmosphere of the ancient Earth.
B)... Earth's early atmosphere was too harsh for life to have formed until recently.
C)... conditions on the early Earth were suitable for the creation of many of the complex organic molecules found in living things.
D)... if simple life forms landed on the early Earth they could have survived.
E)... early life forms were silicon-based.

4. According to the anthropic principle
A)... we are the only civilization in the Universe.
B)... there are 1012 civilizations more advanced than us in the Milky Way.
C)... human beings are the highest form of life.
D)... the Universe could not differ radically from its present properties or we would not be here to observe it.
E)... the greenhouse effect is beneficial to us.

5. The Drake equation attempts to determine
A)... the conditions under which life originated on Earth.
B)... the optimum wavelength for communicating with extraterrestrials.
C)... the age of life on Earth.
D)... the number of other technically advanced civilizations.
E)... the lifetime of our own civilization.

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