Taurus Molecular Cloud Survey

Paul Goldsmith (JPL/NASAUniversity), Chris Brunt (Exeter U.), Mark Heyer (UMass), Di Li (JPL/NASA), Gopal Narayanan (UMass), and Ron Snell (UMass)

Project Description

The Taurus Molecular Cloud Survey is an imaging survey of molecular line emission from the Taurus Molecular Cloud using the FCRAO 14m telescope and the SEQUOIA focal plane array array.  12CO and 13CO J=1-0 emission is observed over a 96 deg2 field with a resolution of 45" and 47" using On-the-Fly Mapping.  The OTF data are regridded to an image with 20" per pixel and spectral resolution of 0.07 km/s. Each data cube is comprised of 3.1 million spectra with 1024 spectroscopic channels.

Velocity Coded Images

The Five College Radio Astronomy Observatory CO Mapping Survey of the Taurus Molecular Cloud

Large-Scale Structure of the Molecular Gas in Taurus Revealed by High Linear Dynamic Range Spectral Line Mapping

Magnetically Aligned Velocity Anisotropy in the Taurus Molecular Cloud

Gopal Narayanan and Mark Heyer
(gopal@astro.umass.edu) and (heyer@astro.umass.edu).