Student Contract

Astro 100, Exploring the Universe

Please carefully read all of the following terms for enrolling in this course.

  1. I will carefully read the course syllabus, which is available on the course website. 

  2.  I understand that there will be 3 in-class exams, a cumulative final exam on material from the whole semester, and 4 in-class quizzes

  3. I will bring a #2 pencil and student ID to all exams and quizzes. 

  4. I will make sure to take part in at least 3 of the 4 exams, and at least 3 of the 4 quizzes. I understand that there are no make-ups for exams and in-class quizzes. 

  5. I will arrange to notify the instructor, in writing, of any conflicts between exams and other university-sponsored activities at least a week in advance of the exam (and following university guidelines for conflicting final exams if chosen to take). 

  6. I understand that I need to finish homework assignments before they are due, and that no extension will be made for unfinished work. 

  7. I will not present anyone else's work as my own or assist anyone else in submitting work that is not their own, unless the instructor has explicitly stated that cooperative work is acceptable. I understand that failure to observe the rules of academic honesty is likely to result in a failing grade for the course. 

  8. For public posting of my scores and grades on the class website, I provide this 4 digit number ______ or I agree the use of the final 4 digits of my student ID .

If you do not agree to these terms, you must see the instructor and explain in writing your objections in order to remain enrolled in this course.

Name in print __________________________ Student ID_______________________
Student Signature_______________________ Date______________________

Houjun Mo

Astronomy 100