Min S. Yun
LGRT-B 522
(413) 545-2215

I am a professor in the Astronomy Department at the University of Massachusetts and the Five Colleges Radio Astronomy Observatory. I am also the UMass Project Scientist for the Large Millimeter Telescope project. I was a research scientist at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory and a member of the millimeter array group at Caltech previously. I am currently an active member of the International Astronomical Union and the American Astronomical Society.


Physics 281 (Computational Physics)

Astronomy 101 (The Solar System)

Astronomy 335 (Modern Astrophysics)

Course Calendar

Astronomy 339 (Astronomy in a Global Context)

Course Calendar
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Astronomy 731 (Radio Astronomy)

Essential Radio Astronomy

An on-line radio astronomy course material developed by Jim Condon and Scott Ransom at NRAO. It is intended for astronomy graduate students and advanced undergraduates with backgrounds in astronomy, physics, or engineering.

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Academic Advising

I am the Chief Undergraduate Advisor for all Astronomy majors and the Honors Program Director in the Astronomy Department. Contact me by e-mail or by phone if you have any questions regarding Academic requirements.

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College of Natural Sciences Academic Advising
UMass Commonwealth Honors College

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Beam Switching Observation using SEQUOIA
Batch Mode Observing for the FCRAO telescope

LMT/GTM Project

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LMTO Working Group
LMT Internal Wiki

FCRAO Millimeter Wave Instrument Laboratory
UMass Continuum Detector Laboratory
Official AzTEC Information
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ALMA Science Advisory Committee (ASAC)
Amplitude Calibration
Phase Calibration
ALMA Configurations
ALMA PR/science

Science and Research (ADS Abstracts, Google Scholar)

Galaxies in the Distant Universe
Galaxies in the Local Universe (Normal and Starbursts, Colliding)
Interstellar Medium

M81 Group: laboratory for galaxy interactions


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