A New Frontier with the Large Millimeter Telescope

The LMT Frontier Fields is a project to image the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Frontier Fields at 1.1mm with AzTEC on the Large Millimeter Telescope. We have already obtained the deepest, widest-area mm-wave maps of the two Frontier Fields MACS J0717.5+3745 (z=0.545) and MACS J1149.5+2223 (z=0.543), which will open a new window into the dust-obscured star formation activity of "normal" galaxies at z~2 as well as enable the first constraints on dust emission in galaxies at z>4. For more details, see the science section.

Questions? Contact the PIs: Alfredo MontaƱa (INAOE) and Alexandra Pope (UMass).


06/2015 - Reductions of FF AzTEC maps completed.

Grant Wilson and Milagros Zeballos have produced the final reduction of the Early Science 3 maps of MACS J0717.5+3745 and MACS J1149.5+2223, using the AzTEC data reduction pipeline.

02/2015 - Observations of first two FF clusters completed.

AzTEC observations for MACS J0717.5+3745 and MACS J1149.5+2223 were just completed during the LMT Early Science 3 phase.

11/2014 - Proposal accepted, and first data being taken.

Our ES3 proposal has been accepted, and the LMT has begun taking data on the first of our two proposed FF maps!

08/2014 - ES3 LMT Proposal Submitted.

Our proposal, to map the first two FF clusters in the LMT Early Science 3 phase, has been submitted.