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EXP Documentation

I wrote the EXP code over about 15 years, incorporating published biorthogonal expansions and my own published and unpublished work on n-body methodology. This version has been rewritten to exploit the similarity in overall structure of all biorthogonal expansions and C++ object-oriented style.

The project has two primary goals:

  • To develop a state-of-the-art research tool for my own research and the research of my group and outside collaborators
  • To continue to advance the methodology to allow more complex galactic interactions to be studied

The current version is ANSI C++ compliant (or nearly so) and includes dynamic loading of user libraries with a standard interface, allowing independent development and testing of force routines, component interactions, etc. without recompiling or affecting the main code (see: User loadable modules). The source is maintained with SUBVERSION (SVN) to facilitate collaborative development.

Note: this code is NOT in the public domain. You need permission from the author to use it.

Research making use of and feeding back into this project has been supported in part by the NASA ATP and NSF Astronomy.