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This work is funded in part by the National Science Foundation, Grant #0215916, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Grant #S20052896400000, and the FCRAO

710 N. Pleasant St.
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The Continuum Detector Laboratory (CDL) is a student-staffed research laboratory specializing in the development and construction of bolometer-based instruments for the detection of mm and submm-wave radiation from astrophysical sources. The CDL is headed by Professor Grant Wilson and is partially supported by the Five Colleges Radio Astronomy Observatory.

More than 99% of the photons in the universe can be accounted for by three sources of radiation that lie within the millimeter and sub-millimeter wavelength bands. The physical scales of the emitters of this radiation is astounding - ranging from comets, to star forming regions, to high-redshift galaxies, to clusters of galaxies, and on to the observable Universe. Here in the CDL we build sensitive bolometer-based instruments to explore the Universe in the mm and sub-mm wavebands.


  • AzTEC - a 144 element bolometer camera operating at 1.1mm
  • SPEED - a 16 bolometer, 4 pixel, 4 frequency, array for demonstrating FSBs
  • LMT - the large millimeter telescope project
  • FSB - Frequency Selective Bolometers - a new bolometer technology